Down City Streets* – workshops


During April 7–19 2015, a series of day-long workshops will be run by leading Indigenous cultural practitioners focused around the questions:

How is Country lived, described, imagined, contested, transformed or hidden through the processes that are specific to your practice? How is Country communicated through the formats that this practice takes? How is Country acknowledged through your work and how is that acknowledgement communicated to audiences?

Workshops will be structured around four creative processes: architecture, visual art, writing and music and be lead by:

Kevin O’Brien: 18 May 2015

Cathy Craigie: 19 May 2015

Participants within these workshops are invited to explore the above question through collaborative, practice led processes

Some aims of these workshops:

1) To inspire those involved to consider how they might start to acknowledge Country in ways that shape how they work in the future: both in terms of processes and outcomes, if they don’t already do so.

2) To bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners into contact with each other, so that dialogues may be sparked and possible connections developed for the future.

3) To facilitate collaborative processes that may result in future collaborations and creative outcomes for exhibition; or other outcomes such as co-authorship for publication, among others.

* Down City Streets (1991) by Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter.

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